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Manufacturer of Classic Car | Sightseeing Golf Cart & Horse Carriages

Guangzhou youmi trading Co., Ltd is one of the most innovative technological companies in vehicle industry in China. Ever since its incorporation in 2001, the enterprise group has developed wide range of unique models for electric cars, utility vehicles with highly qualified human resources, advanced imported facilities and scientific equipment, we’re determined to build a professional, responsible and reliable enterprise by offering top quality new products and best services to our customers in every corner of the world.

Antique Ford Model T Cars for Sale

Owning classic cars has been considered a great idea and antiques see numerous collectors rushing to own the iconic designs. Such vehicles carry a signature style and appeal that is hardly matched by latest designs and factory produced sleek designs.

The Ford model T car was such a car. It was also an iconic example of assembly line production system and many featured individual handcrafting designs. The same enjoyed glorious presence for two decades finally exiting in May 1927.  Today the vehicle is an icon, classic versions and is considered as progenitor to automobile travel.

What Makes These Vehicles A Great Buy?

Classic automobiles like Ford model T stand a world apart from their modern versions. The icon was crafted initially on pen and paper before actually designing. Thus it included a lot of skills and expertise to master the craft.

Its elegant and handcrafted design was supplemented with a high performance standard according to the era. These lack sophisticated systems yet its iconic machinery means easy maintenance and repairs.

If you plan to do more than flaunt the iconic car, you can opt for driving the same. The appeal of handling such beauties is unmatched and each moment of the same feels like a new experience.

However these vehicles carry a distinctive noise and engine roar unlike the smooth purr of modern designs. This brings a unique masculine appeal and can be perfect choice for a young enthusiast.

Many collectors appreciate the opportunity to own these vehicles and schedule long drives to enjoy the experience. This is why vintage cars are so expensive and valuable. Classic automobiles attract attention of automobile enthusiasts, art and history experts. Thus any amount that is paid for the entire process can be returned back easily.

Here’s How Much A Ford Model T CAR Is Worth Today

Ford began production of its iconic car in October 1908 and the same was soon rated as the most affordable car.

The introduction of the vehicle proved to be a significant step in popularising the use of automobiles by middle class and it was rated as a practical choice by Americans of the era. The vehicle was also practical and efficient in design that ensured that the resulting vehicles were appealing and capable. Its awesome appeal continues to make it a classic collectible and an attractive investment.

Since model T cars are rare in design and construction, the earlier versions of this amazing vehicle can fetch upto $121k. For antique Ford model T versions produced later having a three pedal and three lever design (and its overall upkeep and maintenance) can easily fetch around $11k to $70k.

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