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Your Ultimate Guide to Our Electric Sightseeing Vehicles, Ford Model T Car, Firetruck, and horse carriages


Welcome to our website, your one-stop destination for an extensive range of electric sightseeing vehicles, classic Ford Model T car replica, reliable firetrucks and Horse carriages. With a commitment to delivering top-notch products and exceptional after-sale service, we take pride in offering you the best-in-class vehicles for all your needs. Our products boast TUV and CE certificates, ensuring unparalleled quality and safety, backed by a 3-year warranty.

In this comprehensive Q&A article, we will address common queries and provide detailed insights into our exceptional offerings.

Q1: What types of electric sightseeing vehicles do you offer?

A1: We specialized in custom design, offer a diverse selection of electric sightseeing vehicles that cater to various customer preferences. Whether you need electric buses for larger groups, golf carts for resort and community tours, or open-air electric shuttles for a unique sightseeing experience, we have you covered. Our electric sightseeing vehicles combine eco-friendliness, comfort, and innovative features to make your tours memorable and sustainable.

Q2: Tell us more about your  Ford Model T car.

A2: As car enthusiasts ourselves, we understand the timeless charm and historical significance of the Ford Model T. Our classic Ford Model T cars capture the essence of automotive history while being meticulously restored to ensure they are in top-notch condition. Whether you seek a vintage car for parades, events, or personal collection, our Ford Model T cars are a perfect fit. Experience the thrill of driving an iconic piece of history and relive the golden era of automobiles with our electric powered Ford Model T cars replica. It have passed COC, CE and TUV certificate, ligalized in Europe and United Stete to go public road with number plate.

Replica Ford Model T Car Driving in Europe - Legalized for Public Roads
Experience the charm of a bygone era as our fully legalized replica Ford Model T car takes to the European roads!

Q3: Why should we choose your firetrucks?

A3: Safety and reliability are paramount when it comes to firetrucks, and our selection guarantees both. Presenting our innovative compact fire truck, designed to be a nimble and efficient response vehicle for warehouse and small-scale emergencies. While resembling a golf cart in size, this specialized fire truck packs a powerful punch, featuring a substantial 1000L to 200L water tank, making it a reliable first line of defense against fires in confined spaces.

Electric Mini Fire Truck parked on the street.
Electric Mini Fire Truck – An Eco-Friendly Emergency Vehicle

Q4: What is a replica John Deere Turf Gator UTV

A4: Our replica John Deere Turf Gator UTV is a versatile utility vehicle designed to mimic the iconic John Deere Turf Gator, renowned for its reliability and performance. While not an official John Deere product, our replica UTV is built to match the quality and functionality of the original, making it an excellent alternative for farm and warehouse use. And it’s with electric power, hydrallic jacking system for rear cargo. 

Replica chinese John deeree Gator turf utility vehicle for sale
John deer Turf gator with electric power farm vehicle


Q5: What is an electric-powered horse carriage and how does it work?

Our electric-powered horse carriage is a modern take on the traditional horse-drawn carriage, where the serene charm of horse-drawn transport meets eco-friendly electric power. By combining the grace of horses with a quiet and emission-free electric motor, we offer a unique and enchanting sightseeing experience.

The electric-powered horse carriage is equipped with an electric motor that provides propulsion. The motor is powered by batteries, which can be recharged, making the carriage an eco-friendly and sustainable alternative to traditional horse-drawn carriages. It maintains the authenticity of a horse-drawn experience, yet with the added benefits of reduced noise and environmental impact.

This is a diamond jubilee state coach replica, original from England. It's use for carry important people, politicians, we made the replica and install with electric power, suitable for sightseeing, tourism and wedding event.
diamond jubilee state coach

Q6: Can you elaborate on your after-sale service?

A6: Our dedication to customer satisfaction extends beyond the initial purchase. We take pride in offering a comprehensive after-sale service to address any queries or concerns you may have. Our team of skilled technicians is readily available to provide support, conduct maintenance checks, and assist with spare parts whenever needed. Our commitment to ensuring your vehicles run smoothly and efficiently sets us apart in the industry.


At Youmi, Rariro, and Fangyu as a group company, we are more than just a provider of electric sightseeing vehicles, Ford Model T cars, firetrucks, and UTVs. We are your partners in making your transportation dreams a reality. With quality assurance from TUV and CE certificates, as well as a generous 3-year warranty, you can trust in the durability and reliability of our products.

From leisurely sightseeing tours to firefighting missions and off-road adventures, our vehicles are built to excel in any environment. Combine this with our unparalleled after-sale service, and you have a winning formula for a seamless and satisfying experience.

Choose us for cutting-edge technology, historic charm, unmatched dependability, and top-notch after-sale service. Embrace the future of transportation with us and unlock a world of possibilities.

Remember, when you choose Guangzhou youmi trading co., ltd, you’re choosing excellence, reliability, and a ride like no other. Contact us today to find the perfect vehicle for your needs!

Replica Ford Model T Car Driving in Europe - Legalized for Public Roads