Replica model T car hot sell in the world

Replica Ford model T car with electric power

Replica model T car hot sell in the world

Ford model t car replica in the world

Original Ford model T car are the most famous old timer automobiles in the history. You might seen them on private collection or in museum.

This elegent design model T car can hardly be forgoten after centry. Now we have build a new generation model T car replica based on the original 1908 model t, 1:1 design and make this unique car alive.

After years of promotion, now the ford model T car replica is getting very popular in the US and Europe market.

I bet you seen a electric model T car while traving through the world’s famous places. Yes, that’s our replica model T car, the car we spents over 10 years to build.

Here’s some photos from our client in the US.

This is a replica model T car for rental in us market
Ford model T car replica
Carriage Haus Rentals model T car for sale
Carriage Haus Rentals model T car for sale

And since we have legalized the car in Europe, the model T car are used for sightseeing and rental business to carry passenger for city tour.

model T car in europe

Model T car in Ukraine

Not only the replica model t car has been use on tourism and rental business, due the the elegent design of this model, it has received a warm welcome on wedding occasions.

vintage golf cart for wedding occasions

old car wedding vintage golf cart steet rod car for wedding occasions

If you got any similar ideal to run with our replica model T car, welcome to contact us.

We can do OEM, custom design based on your blue prints. and we also make replica ford quadricycle, replica gold state coach. Let’s make your ideas realistic.


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